he experience of driving has always been important to me. I have always enjoyed hearing the engine and the exhaust while the pull of horsepower leads my car down the road. Horsepower was inside of me from childhood, and now I see this inside of my 3 boys who drive their toy race cars around the house revving their engines with sound effects coming from their soul. I want to own, drive, and sell vehicles that make a unique sound or give a unique experience. Many instances I like to modify the car to highlight its purpose, not to change it.

We desire to sell vehicles that provide a unique experience to our customers. We represent vehicles that offer a certain satisfaction. Modifications are a great way to highlight the engine or makeup of why the vehicle was created. We have the ability to strip unnecessary weight, modify exhaust features, and add performance with more horsepower.
We enjoy finding unique vehicles and their story. The excitement of hunting for a unique car is very satisfying to us. We are happy to provide this service to our customers. Give us the exact car with the exact specifications and we will find it for no additional cost. We offer our customers a concierge service of inspection, purchase, transportation and delivery.


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